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TopHap Real Estate

Real Estate
Intelligence Platform

Transform your business with TopHap's enriched real estate data and location-based tools

What is TopHap?

Top Homes And Properties

  • Technology platform for geospatial data visualization and analysis with a focus on residential and commercial real estate.
  • Vast library of 47 trillion records, covering 150 million parcels across the United States.
  • Innovative visualization tools, comprehensive data, and industry-specific solutions for individuals and enterprises.

Our Products

Analytics Studio

Real Estate analytics made simple

  • Powerful analytics and map layers enable you to uncover insights about regions, neighborhoods, properties and lots in seconds.
TopHap studio

TopHap AI

Real Estate AI Chatbot platform

  • Chat-Based inferface
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Whitelabel ready and integrated with your data
TopHap Data Fusion

TopHap Explorer

Mobile first neighborhood exploration

  • Access to all TopHap data
  • See neighborhood analytics
  • Identify Environmental Hazards
  • Review 100+ data points
TopHap Explorer

Embedded Experience

Embed TopHap elements into your product (Web or Mobile)

  • UI Widgets
  • Interactive Maps
  • Visual Heat-maps
  • Map Layers
TopHap Embedded Experience

TopHap API

Accelerate your growth and go-to-market

  • Simplify your development process with TopHap's property and geospatial data API.
TopHap API

Data Fusion

Unlock your data's full potential

  • Bring your own data into our platform
  • Add real estate context to your data
  • Visualize and Analyze your data
  • Derive insights from your data
TopHap Data Fusion

Our Data

Access our 47 trillion record library, spanning 150 million United States parcels.

TopHap Estimate
TopHap Estimate $/ft²
Value Appreciation
TopHap Rental Estimate
Rental $/ft² Estimate
TopHap Estimate Accuracy
Rental Estimate Accuracy
Living Area
Bedroom Count
Bathroom Count
Lot Size
Lot Slope
Lot's Flat Area
Lot's Flat Area Percentage
Lot Usable Space
Has Pool
Property Type
HOA fee
Travel Time to Work
Daytime Population
Seasonal Population
Crime Index
Zoning Code
Unique Zones
Property Density
Earthquake Risk
Weather Risk
Wind Index
Ozone Index
Air Pollution Index
Carbon Monoxide Index
NO2 Index
Lead Index
Particulate Matter Index
Hail Index
Hurricane Index
Tornado Index
Drought Risk
FEMA Flood Risk
Flood Risk
Excessive Heat Risk
Storm Risk
Climate Risk
Wildfire Risk
NRI Avalanche
NRI Coastal Flooding
NRI Cold Wave
NRI Drought
NRI Earthquake
NRI Hail
NRI Heat Wave
NRI Hurricane
NRI Ice Storm
NRI Landslide
NRI Lightning
NRI Riverine Flooding
NRI Strong Wind
NRI Tornado
NRI Tsunami
NRI Volcanic Activity
NRI Wildfire
NRI Winter Weather
Sold vs List
Ownership Time
Last Sale Price
Last Sale $/ft²
Gross Rental Yield
Home Equity Change
Tax % of Assessed Value
Permits Count
Permits Value
Unemployment Rate
Unemployed Count
Population Density
Female Population
Male Population
Median Age
Never Married
Now Married
Occupations: Blue Collar
Occupations: White Collar
Educational Climate Index
Average Employee Salary
Median Employee Salary
Per Capita Income
# Households
Average Family Size
Average Household Size
Household Income
Disposable Household Income
Household Expenditures
Number of Students
School Rating
Students per Teacher

When a user browses TopHap’s tools, they’ll quickly understand how even a single street is ultimately its own micro market, pulling the curtain back on everything that makes real estate worth what it’s worth. My take is that there is no better way to understand a market than by understanding how it relates to the markets around it.

After all, markets touch, and like the properties of thermal conduction, values spread through direct contact, and TopHap puts you in the middle of all that market energy.

- Craig Roweinman