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About TopHap, Inc.

TopHap is a real estate technology company that utilizes AI to visualize residential real estate market conditions, reveal trends and provide insights to help make better data driven purchase and selling decisions.

Buying and Selling a home is one of the most important financial decisions a family makes, and they often rely heavily on the advice of their REALTORS®. An uninformed or mis-guided decision can hobble a buyer’s dreams for years. Our mission is to eliminate those under-informed buying and selling real estate decisions. We believe that arming REALTORS® - trusted advisors to families – is the best way to do so.

REALTORS® deserve better tools. Learning and staying on top of street-by-street market trends is notoriously difficult. That's why almost 90% of new REALTORS® fail and why almost 90% of successful REALTORS® never work outside of their home territory. When using TopHap, new REALTORS® can now bring new and rich insights to their clients and seasoned REALTORS® have the confidence to apply their experiences to new territories – to serve more clients and grow their business.