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We Bring Clarity To Your Real Estate Decisions

What we do

TopHap is a real estate technology company that makes investor-grade analytics easy, intuitive, and accessible to everyone. We pull the curtain back and show you what makes real estate worth what it’s worth and empower the smartest real estate agents, investors, buyers, and sellers to make intelligent, data-driven real estate purchase and selling decisions.

We utilize machine learning (ML) and AI to visualize residential real estate market trends, conditions and neighborhood characteristics. We offer the most user-friendly and accurate way to evaluate and compare real estate opportunities. Harness the power of modern analytics to build confidence in your real estate strategy with TopHap.


Why we do it

In one word, TRUST. TopHap aims to bring trust, transparency, and confidence to the largest financial decision a person will likely make in their lifetime. Few decisions of such magnitude in life depend on such limited information. Those decisions require our state of the art technology.

Whether you’re a real estate professional or a private buyer or seller, you deserve a tool that removes the guesswork from your real estate research and analysis process. We at TopHap believe that everyone deserves the best information and the tools to understand it.

How we do it

We have compiled the most comprehensive collection of public and proprietary data ever to be integrated into one real estate platform and apply state of the art AI, ML and visualization techniques to deliver the most robust and accurate real estate assessment tools in the industry. We combine residential real estate data with macro-economic, environmental, geographic, census, construction and local commercial data, and much more to derive insights and correlations that power our valuation engine and market assessment tools.

Advanced and dynamic investor-grade tools.
Modern data visualization and exceptional UX.
Performant, strong, and accurate analytics.

This enables TopHap users to understand the conditions that drive their own real estate investing decisions. With the integration of these different data sets, we are able to derive attributes that have driven historical value and forecast attributes that will drive future value. No other real estate platform has been able to deliver this visibility and precision in one solution.

Who we are

TopHap is a team of real estate industry veterans, data scientists and visualization experts. We have built brokerages and founded technology companies that have transformed other industries. We are battle-worn home buyers and sellers who feel the acute need for better real estate information and tools. We build solutions that promote trust and transparency and empower the go-getters, pioneers, and innovators in our industry.

At TopHap, we are committed to push, inspire, teach, and learn every day. We love to see people grow and succeed around us and we strive to never let good be good enough.

Co-Founders Anton Danilovich & Dennis Khvostionov of TopHap

Who is this for?

  • Real Estate Agents: We make you an expert in any territory put putting the power of data and analytics at your fingertips so you can be a trusted partner for your clients.
  • Investors: Enterprise-level tools at your service. You can deeply evaluate opportunities and make confident investment decisions about where your money will generate the highest returns in the ever-changing markets.
  • Builders: Locate where the hot markets are and what the trends and preferences are in those markets so you can build a product that will bring top dollar and people will love.
  • Buyers: Quickly understand what homes are really worth in a market, so you can gain confidence in what to buy, where to buy and when to buy it.
  • Sellers: Figure out what is really driving trends in a market so you can maximize the timing, positioning, and pricing of your home.

What we believe

We at TopHap believe it’s time for the real estate industry to evolve and embrace the technological advances we have seen in so many other industries. Every business is increasingly powered by data and analytics. We believe the real estate industry requires the same. The scale and importance of a real estate decision are profound, and the industry needs to harness the power of modern data and analytics to meet the growing needs and expectations of our clients.

We have an abundance of real estate related data all around us, but too little is used in our real estate decision-making process because it’s inaccessible or hard to interpret. We believe real estate professionals and consumers deserve a truly innovative set of research and analysis tools. We can help people remove the guesswork and greatly improve the quality of their analysis so they can make better real estate decisions. If we do this, we can unlock the transparency and trust our industry needs and deserves.

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