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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the TopHap team?
TopHap is a team of real estate industry veterans and data visualization experts. We have built brokerages and founded technology companies that have transformed other industries. We are battle-worn home buyers and sellers who feel the acute need for better real estate information and tools.
How does TopHap understand the needs of real estate professionals?
Because we’ve been in your shoes. As real estate industry veterans of nearly 20 years, we built TopHap to make real estate research more efficient and reliable.
How is TopHap unique from other real estate search portals?
TopHap is a real estate technology company that makes investor-grade analytics easy, intuitive, and accessible to everyone. While other platforms focus on property search and promotion we focus on research and providing data-driven insights, TopHap provides additional tools such as analytics, 3D visualizations, and artificial intelligence to make real estate research more efficient.

What makes TopHap different from the existing online real estate platforms is that they all focus on search, while we focus on research. Their value is promoting properties while our value is providing data-driven market insights. Real estate analysis tools of this depth simply do not exist and there isn’t another product like TopHap!
How can TopHap help me?
  • Real Estate Agents: We help you by making you an expert in any territory and putting the power of data and analytics at your fingertips so you can be a trusted partner for your clients.
  • Investors: We help you by giving you the enterprise-level tools you can deeply evaluate opportunities and make confident investment decisions about where your money will generate the highest returns in the ever-changing markets.
  • Builders: We help you by showing you where the hot markets are and what the trends and preferences are in those markets so you can build a product that will bring top dollar and people will love.
  • Buyers: We help you by allowing you to quickly understand what homes are really worth in a market, so you can gain confidence in what to buy, where to buy and when to buy it.
  • Sellers: We help you by showing you what is really driving trends in a market so you can maximize the timing, positioning, and pricing of your home.
Where does TopHap get the data to power it’s AI?
We combine public residential real estate data with macro-economic, environmental, geographic, census, construction, local commercial data, and many other public records to derive insights and correlations that power our valuation engine and market assessment tools. All together, this dataset is the most comprehensive collection of public and proprietary data ever to be integrated into a single real estate platform. All this data is then applied to state of the art artificial intelligence and visualization techniques to deliver the most robust and accurate real estate assessment tools in the industry.
What is the best way to learn about TopHap’s powerful features?
We recommend that you watch our short and helpful training videos on TopHap Academy, see what new features we have announced on our what's new page, and check out the Gallery to see interactive examples of useful maps and searches found on TopHap. and then try it out for yourself with our free 14 day trial!
What features do I get in the paid TopHap subscriptions versus the free version?
TopHap features a free version and two paid subscription plans called Pro and Expert. Paid subscriptions include additional features such as Market Analytics, Property Analytics, CMA+, Value Forecasting, and CSV exports to help you take to your market intelligence to the next level. You can learn more about TopHap subscriptions and pricing here.
How does the pricing work for TopHap paid subscriptions?
TopHap provides four tiers of subscription plans: Free, Basic, Pro, and Expert. Paid subscriptions include additional features such as Market Analytics, Property Analytics, CMA+, Value Forecasting, and CSV exports.

The free version of TopHap is available to all users without a credit card or registration. TopHap Basic is our entry-level plan that costs $11 per user per month when billed annually or $15 per user per month when billed monthly. TopHap Professional costs $45 per user per month when billed annually and $55 per user per month when billed monthly. The price of TopHap Expert is $126 per user per month when billed annually and $155 when billed monthly. You can learn more about TopHap subscriptions and pricing here.
Is there a version of TopHap for real estate teams?
TopHap subscriptions are for individual professionals, but if you’d like to explore subscription options for your entire team, we’d love to chat with you. Email us at hello@tophap.com.
When will TopHap be available outside of California?
It already is! TopHap launched nationally in April 2022. Read more about TopHap's national launch.
Do you have any plans to offer API access to your data?
Our API isn’t public yet, but If you are interested in using our API, email us at hello@tophap.com and let us know your use-case.
My client is asking about value estimates. Is there a way to share an unlocked property view?
If you have a TopHap subscription then you can share a property view with a client and they will see a fully unlocked version.
What is the difference between the ARV and the TopHap estimate?
The ARV Calculator is the most recent and accurate estimate because it updates real time as you interact with it. It takes the latest market data and combines it with your input to give you a super estimate. Meanwhile, the TopHap Estimate is updated once per month and influenced primarily on market and environmental factors, rather than your input.
The platform is cool but how do we know if the AI analytics are accurate?
All of the estimates on TopHap are tested against historic data to ensure the accuracy of our models. You can see how well the model performs by enabling the estimate accuracy layer. All the other analytics are coming from trusted sources. For example the noise layer comes from the department of transportation. The community layers come from the census. The 3D topography comes from satellite imagery from the last space shuttle missions.
How do I know that the TopHap AVM is more accurate than the “other” estimate?
The “other” estimates are primarily based on advertising prices, which don’t necessarily reflect the true value of a property. You have probably noticed that when a property is listed it jumps or drops to match the list price. We don't use the list price and the estimates are for true market value. The TopHap AVM is generated using 80+ data layers encapsulating important information like pollution, weather, disaster likelihood, sound level, and more, creating a much more realistic and transparent valuation of the property. The “other” estimates are like trying to read a book without your reading glasses.
How often is the data on TopHap updated?
Our data is updated on the following schedule:
  • Recorder Data
  • Assessor Data
  • Building Permits
  • Loan Model Data
  • Pre-Foreclosure Data
  • POI Data
  • Hazards Data
  • Neighborhood Boundaries
  • Metro Boundaries
  • Residential Boundaries
  • School Data
  • Community Data
  • County Boundaries
  • County Sub-Division Boundaries
  • Parcel Boundaries
  • Place Boundaries
  • State Boundaries
  • ZIP 'ZTCA' Boundaries
Does TopHap cover commercial properties?
Yes! You can show only commercial properties by using the property type filter and checking "Commercial".
Does TopHap have an app?
We have an iOS app available on the App Store: TopHap Explorer.