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TopHap Real Estate

A New Way to
Real Estate

Tophap Overview Video

Welcome WFG Sales Reps!

Hey WFG sales reps, in collaboration with TopHap we bring you the best in class data and analytics to help you serve your clients better!

For far too long, real estate professionals have had to piece together the
information clients need to purchase or sell a home with outdated tools.

Resulting in...

Lack of client trust and confidence

Lost buyers

Lost sellers

Wasted time

TopHap Has Changed That Forever

Our visual data and analytics platform gives you access to the most powerful data-driven tools to analyze properties, neighborhoods, and regions like never before. With the power of data at your fingertips, you can position yourself as a true expert in any market, help your clients make data-driven decisions, and win more business.

TopHap Benefits

WFG National Title Members

Limitations of Current Real Estate Tools

The demand on agents only keeps increasing but the REALTOR® toolbox hasn't kept up. Agents are waking up to the fact that they must use technology to boost their credibility, provide real value and build a trusted relationship that clients can rely on.

Agents are often limited by...

Location and the challenge of expanding into new regions.

Experience in any market, which takes years to develop.

Data access and not having what they need to know about a property or region in one place.

Existing tools and their sole focus of single property analysis.

We’re Here to Help!

TopHap lifts all these limitations by giving you the most comprehensive investor-grade Real Estate research tools.

This platform is so powerful, that after 18 years in real estate, I wouldn't buy or sell a property without it!
Anton Danilovich
TopHap CEO
WFG National Title Members

TopHap Features

Visual Market Analytics

Visual Market Analytics

Powerful analytics and map layers enable you to uncover insights about regions, neighborhoods, individual properties and lots in seconds.

Property Insights

Property Insights

E​xamine attributes and characteristics of any property on or off-market.

Lot Analytics

Lot Analytics

V​isually examine lot usability, topography and elevation without the need to visit the site.

Statewide Property Search

Statewide Property Search

Quickly search all for sale, pending, sold, and rental properties across the entire country.

Off-Market Research

Off-Market Research

Identify properties that are not currently for sale with targeted search criteria.

TopHap CMA+

TopHap CMA+

TopHap’s investor grade comparison engine enables you to see diverging microtrends, compare regions, and evaluate historical changes to markets and properties.

After Repair Value (ARV) Calculator

After Repair Value (ARV) Calculator

Reveal the full property improvement potential by adjusting the square footage, room count and property condition.



Review full property permit history and analyze full residential building permit activity across the state.


Branded Portal

Invite your clients, grow your network and get lead notifications. Guests can access your plan features, at no cost to them.

WFG National Title Members

Our AI Analyzes
Billions of Data Points

to provide the most extensive real-time real estate insights

TopHap Estimate
TopHap Estimate $/ft²
Living Area
Lot Size
Lot Slope
Weather Risk
Air Pollution Index
NRI Drought
NRI Earthquake
Last Sale Price
Last Sale $/ft²
Home Equity Change
Tax % of Assessed Value
Educational Climate Index
Household Income
Household Expenditures
Trusted by industry leaders

When a user browses TopHap's tools, they'll quickly understand how even a single street is ultimately its own micro market, pulling the curtain back on everything that makes real estate worth what it's worth. My take is that there is no better way to understand a market than by understanding how it relates to the markets around it.

After all, markets touch, and like the properties of thermal conduction, values spread through direct contact, and TopHap puts you in the middle of all that market energy.

-Craig C. Rowe
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