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Map-based data service TopHap helps agents master their market

Map-based data service TopHap helps agents master their market
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Inman News

TopHap is a market intelligence platform for real estate professionals.

Platforms: Browser; mobile optimized
Ideal for: All size real estate brokerages, mortgage professionals and real estate related businesses

Top selling points

  • Wide array of real estate business use cases
  • Total transparency into market activity
  • Powerful tool for listing agents with sellers
  • Become highly specialized in local market
  • Multiple applications for organic lead generation
  • Beautiful, fun user experience

Top concerns

Right now, it’s only in California, which is expected to change.

What you should know

TopHap (Top Homes And Properties) is a map tool that turns real estate market data in vibrant, easy-to-understand visualizations.

Currently in beta mode and about two months from its commercial launch in California, TopHap is the type of product that can once again give agents a leg up on market smarts in a time when buyers and sellers have come close to equalizing the field.

The most simple way to describe TopHap is to say it’s a map-based comparative market analysis tool.

However, instead of looking for a few specific properties that match the subject’s criteria, a map’s colored heat schemes help users visually digest large amounts of additionally relevant data. Why limit yourself?

For example, instead of knowing what the similar house down the street sold for, TopHap can reveal trends in the subject’s greater community. For example, it can show waves of value increases around the subject and comp, strengthening the agent’s case for how to position the property. It can do the same when it’s time to lower the price.

Users can see exactly how prices change according to benchmark locations, such as a coastline, stadium or Starbucks (the locations of which TopHap includes in its algorithms).

Why is that block of homes a different color? Is that trend moving east?

In other words, buyer’s agents can use the maps to help clients become more informed about how to find a home that’s cheap now, but dead center in the crosshairs of a wave of increasing value.

Agents can stop relying on quarterly reports and circumstantial data to predict “hot” communities or general sales trends. Or at the very least, use TopHap as another arrow in your knowledge quiver.

TopHap takes into account all properties, but it can be limited to recent sales or on-market listings. It can search by bedrooms, baths, lot size, square footage and several other common measurables.

This is tangible, exploratory market research, it’s compelling, informative and even fun.

TopHap uses a hexagonal map grid, a design scheme used historically in map-based games, but now used by Uber to measure ride demand and predict dispatch times. It offers a better way to compare data by location.

But this isn’t all about the maps, as TopHap also provides great looking property pages for in-depth looks at individual listings.

These pages include interactive graphed property histories that include a timeline of deed transfers, condition ratings, a value confidence rating and a property value adjustment tool.

By sliding or adjusting the indicators, users can see how value might change according to quality, square footage, or number of beds and baths.

A particularly sleek benefit to TopHap is its lot elevation tool. Zoomed in, the hexagonal columns assemble in a 3D reading of every undulation within a parcel, even if improvements have already been done.

I admit to having a particular bias toward map-based data tools. (MyPlanit earned my first-ever 5-star rating.) But isn’t real estate all about location?

When a user browses TopHap’s tools, they’ll quickly understand how even a single street is ultimately its own micro market, pulling the curtain back on everything that makes real estate worth what it’s worth.

My take is that there is no better way to understand a market than by understanding how it relates to the markets around it.

After all, markets touch, and like the properties of thermal conduction, values spread through direct contact, and TopHap puts you in the middle of all that market energy.

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