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School Analytics

School Analytics
Dennis Khvostionov

Dennis Khvostionov

In this video we’re going to discuss the School Analytics Map Layers category. 

Schools are the one of the most important factors of a home purchase decision.

The School analytics layer will help you understand so much more than just school attendance zones. 

The Reviewer Rating Average Layer shows the average rating of the school based on online reviews.

The Test Score Rating Layer is based on the standardized test scores of the school.

Educational Climate Index is a national measure of socioeconomic status.

The Number of Students layer shows the total number of students in the school.

The Students per Grade layer shows the number of students per grade.

The Students per Teacher layer shows the average number of students per teacher at the school.

The Number of Teachers layer shows the total amount of teachers at the school.

The College Bound layer shows the percentage of seniors that graduate from the high school.

Dennis Khvostionov

Dennis Khvostionov