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Learn TopHap Value Analytics

Learn TopHap Value Analytics
Dennis Khvostionov

Dennis Khvostionov

In this video we’re going to discuss the Value Analytics Map Layers category.

Switching to Map Mode to investigate the insights that all of these visual map layers surface.

Map Mode

Map mode contains everything you need to know about values of properties in any region. Each layer in this category derives from TopHap’s Automated Valuation Model. Also known in the industry as the AVM. TopHap utilizes state of the art machine learning techniques to accurately and confidently produce property value and rental estimates. 

Not only are you able to see what things are worth with these layers but you can also see value trends. You can also spot hot markets within regions and even see where the values are flowing.

TopHap Estimate Layer

The first is the TopHap Estimate Layer which is always on by default. Allowing you to see what homes are worth today in any given area. Explore the estimates at parcel level or zoom out for a more birds eye regional view. Darker colors represent higher home values. Hovering over the colors you can see the tooltips with detailed information, making it easy to see more expensive neighborhoods are and where the lower cost homes are in any given area. 

TopHap Estimate $/ft² Layer

The TopHap Estimate $/ft² Layer allows you to better understand the price per sq.ft. spread in any neighborhood or region. This layer is a great way to spot hot neighborhoods in any area.

Value Appreciation Layer

The Value Appreciation Layer can show the percentage change in home values over a specific time period selected in the legend. You can see the value growth from as little as 1 month ago to as much as 20 years ago. Select the 1 or 2 year forecast shows how the property values are expected to change following the current market trend. Look at how different areas perform over the last month, 3 months or even a year.

TopHap Estimate Accuracy Layer

Estimate Accuracy Layers allows you to analyze the accuracy of the TopHap AVM in different regions. It’s important to be transparent with our valuation estimates. Using this layer you can see just how accurate we are.  Zooming in you will notice that not all properties have the Accuracy score. TopHap’s AVM model will test historical sales and calculate the accuracy for prediction of the date of the transaction. If a property hasn’t sold in the last 20 years then it will not have an Accuracy score. 

The TopHap Rental Estimate, TopHap Rental $/ft² Estimate and Rental Estimate Accuracy Layers are analogous to the TopHap Estimate Layers except in that they depict monthly Rental rates. Please note Rental AVM is not available in some places due to the lack of comparable rental history.

Dennis Khvostionov

Dennis Khvostionov