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What's New?

Stay up to date with all of the latest additions and improvements we've made to TopHap.

    Property Search

    Bring stunning precision to real estate property searches

    With the release of advanced filters, users with an expert plan can now conduct extremely granular property searches by combing over 140 different filters together to create completely unique property search results. You can combine filters and filter groups with AND and OR operators, which give you unmatched precision when searching for properties with specific criteria.

    Define a buy-box like no other. Create a hyper-focused marketing campaign. Find the active agents in your neighborhood.

    How to use advanced filters

    Step 1: Turn on Advanced Filters

    By default, only basic filters are enabled. To enable advanced filters, you’ll need to toggle the advanced filters button in the top right of the navigation bar on desktop or hidden within the filters button on mobile.

    Step 2: Choose a location for your search

    Although it’s not required to select a specific location, it often helps refine your search if you do so. You can add as many zones as you want, and TopHap will return results from all zones.

    Step 3: Add desired filters

    To add filters to your property search, click the Add Filter button.

    You’ll see a dropdown menu appear with all of the filter options. You can search for filters by name or you can scroll through the menu items and browse filters by section.

    Click on any filter name to add it to your search.

    After adding a filter to your search, a popup with the relevant filter options will appear. You can use these inputs to tune the filter, adding another level of specificity.

    For example, when using the temperature filter, you have many options to choose from. You can filter properties based on Summer/winter temperatures as well as min/max/average values. These filter options give you ultra granular control over your resulting property matches, allowing you to cut through the noise and find only the properties that match your criteria perfectly.

    To remove a single filter, you can click on the x button that appears when you hover over a specific filter, or if you want to remove all filters, you can click the clear all button.

    Complex filter combinations

    We can also combine individual filters together to make filter groups. Filters and filter groups can be combined with AND and/or OR operators, which describe how the selected filters and filter groups combine. This feature empowers us to write extremely expressive queries that we can use to find properties that match almost any criteria we can think of. It’s like adding parenthesis around an an expression in algebra.

    This feature can be helpful for including properties with divergent characteristics in one search result. For example, you may be interested in seeing both homes that are larger than 3,000 sqft if the lot is at least 2 acres and homes that are less than 1500 sqft if the lot is less than 1 acre.

    In this case, you can create two filter groups:

    homes less than 1500 sqft and less than 1 acre


    homes greater than 3,000 sqft and greater than 5 acres

    This combination of filter groups will show homes that are larger than 3,000 sqft on lots larger than 5 acres AND homes that are smaller than 1,500 sqft so long as they are on a lot that is smaller than 1 acre.

    3,000+ sqft properties on lots smaller than 5 acres and properties less than 1,500 sqft on big lots will be excluded from the results.


    As you can see, TopHap’s advanced filters add several dimensions to a traditional property search. You can drill down on search results and find the exact properties you are looking for by combining over 140 filters, filter groups, and AND/OR operators. Once you try advanced filters, you’ll never go back.

    Advanced Filter Use-case Examples:

    Homes in San Francisco that had an open house more than 10 days ago and are still listed as active

    Properties that have been shown more than 10 days ago and haven’t been sold might be more likely to sell under list price, so you can use this search to find properties that might be a good deal!

    Homes where it doesn’t snow in winter and summers are under 85F

    Some people dont’t like extreme weather. If you’ll only consider homes in moderate climates, you can use advanced filters to exclude properties that are in regions that have snow in the winter or are hotter than 85 degrees in the summer.

    Homes with year-round pools

    Almost everyone likes pool days, but in a lot of places pool days are only feasible a few months out of the year. This search shows where you can comfortably enjoy a pool 12 months out of the year!

    Homes for sale near retirees with accessibility elevator

    Choosing a place to grow old is challenging! This search shows active homes that have an elevator in areas with folks who are generally older than 55 years old.

    Homes in Denver, CO owned for more than 20 years with owners out of state

    You can also use advanced filters to find off market opportunities. A great example of this is to show all properties that have out of state owners for more than 20 years. These properties may be likely to sell in the coming years and may present an opportunity for investors or buyers to snap up an off market deal.

    Visit the TopHap gallery to discover more unique ways to search, filter, and analyze properties.

    Currently supported advanced filters

    TopHap currently allows you to filter properties by over 140 property characteristics and statistics. Below is the comprehensive list at the time of this post. Filters with an asterisk indicate that this filter is only available in California at the moment.


    Property Status

    Property Types

    Est. Price



    Living Area

    Lot Size

    Garage *


    Year Built



    Accessibility Elevator


    HOA Fee *

    Legal Description

    Total Permits Count

    Total Permits Value



    Lot Slope *

    Lot Usable Space

    Rooms Attic Area

    Rooms Basement Area


    Zoning Code


    Elevation *

    Noise *





    Estimate Date

    Est. $/ft²

    Est. Price to List Price Ratio

    Est. Price to Sold Price Ratio

    Est. Rent $/ft² *


    Owner Occupied

    Owner Out Of City

    Owner Out Of County

    Owner Out Of State

    Ownership Days

    Tax Assessed Value

    Tax Billed Amount

    Tax Date

    Tax % of Assessed Value


    Agent Email

    Agent License

    Agent Name

    Agent’s Office Name

    Sold Price to List Price Ratio *

    Arm’s Length

    Title Company

    Previous Sold Date

    Previous Sold Price

    Sold Price

    Sold Price/ft²

    Sold Date




    List Date

    List Price

    Price Change

    List Price/ft²

    Listing ID

    Open House Date

    Price Change Date


    Loan Amount

    Loan Type

    Loan Recording Date

    Loan Termination Date

    Loan Term

    Lender Name

    Lender Type

    # of Loan Positions


    School Rating

    School Enrollment

    Students per teacher


    Carbon Monoxide Index

    Earthquake Index

    Hail Index

    Hurricane Index

    Lead Index

    NO₂ Index

    Ozone Index

    Particulate Matter Index

    Air Pollution Index

    Tornado Index

    Weather Risk

    Wind Index

    NRI Avalanche

    NRI Coastal Flooding

    NRI Cold Wave

    NRI Drought

    NRI Earthquake

    NRI Hail

    NRI Heat Wave

    NRI Hurricane

    NRI Ice Storm

    NRI Land Slide

    NRI Lightning

    NRI National

    NRI Riverine Flooding

    NRI Stong Wind

    NRI Tornado

    NRI Tsunami

    NRI Volcano

    NRI Wildfire

    NRI Winter Weather


    Median Age

    Blue Collar

    White Collar


    Educational Climate Index

    Employee Salary (Average)

    Employee Salary (Median)

    Family Size

    Household Disposable Income (Average)

    Household Income (Average)

    Household Income (Median)

    Household Size

    Household Total Expenditure (Average)

    Number of Households

    Never Married

    Now Married

    Income Per Capita


    Daytime Population

    Population Density

    Female Population

    Male Population

    Seasonal Population


    Travel time to work


    Election 2020


    Congressional District




    Gross Rental Yield *


    Short Sale