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What's New?

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    Analyze comparable properties with TopHap CMA+

    Using TopHap’s new CMA+ mode, you can quickly determine how your subject property compares to other properties nearby. You can see:

    • A map of all selected properties
    • Range and median values for list and sold price statistics
    • A detailed comparison table of property features and characteristics
    TopHap CMA comparable properties map
    TopHap CMA comparable price statistics
    TopHap CMA+ comparables properties table
    TopHap CMA+ comparable properties grid

    How to use TopHap CMA+ mode

    Step 1: Add a subject property

    This property is the primary property that you will compare all other properties against. If you’re sharing this report with a seller, this would likely be their home.

    Step 1: Add a subject property to TopHap CMA+ mode

    Step 2: Select comparable properties

    After you select a subject property, TopHap will auto-populate 6 comparable properties.

    Step 2: Edit comparable properties in TopHap CMA+ mode

    If you prefer to use your own comparable properties, you can remove the ones we provide by clicking the trash can icon by the property that you would like to remove.

    Remove properties from TopHap CMA+ mode by clicking the trash can icon

    You can add additional comparable properties with the comparable properties text box, located above the table. Start typing an address, and TopHap will populate suggestions for your property.

    Add additional properties to TopHap CMA+ mode with the auto-complete input field

    Step 3 (optional): Generate a CMA PDF report

    Once you have selected your subject and comparable properties, you can generate a PDF report with the click of a button. Specifically, this button:

    Generate a PDF CMA report with TopHap CMA+ mode

    Try TopHap CMA+ today!