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What's New?

Stay up to date with all of the latest additions and improvements we've made to TopHap.

    Property Detail PageWidgets

    Dive deep into any property

    We recently added 7 new widgets to our property detail page, which will help you better understand your target property’s construction history, ownership information, and market conditions.

    Market Condition Gauge

    In this release, we updated the market condition section to include many new widgets including this gauge, which displays the months of inventory in the target property’s zip code. From this chart you can see if the house is in a Buyer, Seller, or Balanced Market.

    Sample of the market gauge for a zip code in the bay area, 94507

    Absorption Rate

    The absorption rate widget is inside the Market Condition section next to the market condition gauge. It shows the percentage of listed homes that were sold each month for the target property’s zip code and is useful for determining how active buyers are in this area.

    Clicking on the absorption card opens an interactive version of the widget

    Neighborhood Turnover Rate

    Inside the neighborhood section, we now have a turnover widget, which shows what percentage of total homes in the neighborhood are sold each year.

    A sample of the turnover widget for a neighborhood in Alamo, CA

    Permits Section

    This section shows the entire permit history of the property including, # of permits, total permit amount, and permit details. Use it to find all of the permitted work that was done to the property and which companies completed it.

    Example showing the preview and expanded view of the permit history widget

    Current Ownership Section

    In this release, we also introduced a new section that highlights information about the current owner(s) of the property. This section is currently only available for users on the expert plan and is helpful for identifying potential sellers or estimating monthly property taxes.

    A sample of the owner information section


    The new weather widget shows seasonal low, high, and average temperatures for the target property, and can help you rule out properties or areas that don’t match your lifestyle preferences.

    Sample of the weather widget

    See all these new widgets and more on TopHap!