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What's New?

Stay up to date with all of the latest additions and improvements we've made to TopHap.

    iOS Mobile App

    Introducing TopHap Explorer, our new iOS mobile app! πŸ“±

    We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our much-requested mobile app! TopHap Explorer is now available on the iOS app store.

    TopHap Explorer point-to-select property and fly around mode

    Using your phone’s GPS and gyroscope, TopHap Explorer can identify the property that you are facing. You can point your phone at any property, and the app instantly shows a preview of that property. Click on the preview card to see the full detail page of this property.

    Use Case πŸ’‘: TopHap Explorer is perfect for neighborhood walks or drives, since it gives you instant access to property details without having to manually enter an address.

    TopHap Explorer neighborhood and region chraacteristics

    Every neighborhood and street has unique characteristics. TopHap Explorer helps you get an idea of what it is like to live on the property without having to visit the property in person. You can find the following info for every* property on TopHap:

    • Walkability
    • Noise
    • Crime Index
    • Hazard Risks
    • Weather
    • Seasonal and Daytime Population

    Use Case πŸ’‘: Perhaps a client finds the perfect property within budget, but it is right next to a freeway. Other buyers and agents might assume that it is very loud at this property, but there are tall shrubs blocking most of the sound. Or maybe the lot is way above the freeway, so the noise doesn’t travel up to the house. You’ll likely still need to visit the property to verify that the measured noise level matches your expectation, but TopHap Explorer can help you reduce the total amount of properties you have to visit by ruling out certain properties with data.

    TopHap Explorer address search and market condition section

    Instead of using your current location and pointing your phone, you can also find properties by typing in an address. Click the magnifying glass to search for an address, neighborhood, city, or other zone on the map.

    You can also use TopHap Explorer to asses the current market condition for any zip code. Inside any property detail page within the app, you can track the following metrics:

    • # or sold properties
    • # of active properties
    • Median days on market
    • Median sold vs list price
    • Median sold price
    • Median sold price per square foot
    • Median ownership time

    The chart below each metric shows the respective metric plotted over the course of the last year, so that you can identify how each metric is trending over time.

    Use case πŸ’‘: Median sold vs list price of a zip code can help you determine how much above or below the list price you need to offer in order to be competitive.

    TopHap Explorer lot details and permit history section

    TopHap Explorer also has a lot details section, which highlights various features of the property’s lot. It shows:

    • Lot size and dimensions
    • Lot elevation
    • 3D topography
    • Lot slope of target property and surrounding properties
    • Lot useable space of target property and surrounding properties

    Use case πŸ’‘: Builders can use the 3D topography to determine which parts of the lot can be built on and which parts are too steep.

    The permit history section shows all of the permits that have been pulled on this property in a timeline from most recent to oldest. Depending on availability of the data, it shows:

    • Permit description
    • Job value
    • Status
    • Business name
    • Fees
    • Effective date
    • Permit number

    Use case πŸ’‘: You can use permit history to peek into the construction/remodel history of a property, which may be helpful in predicting if the property will need repairs in the near future. It can also give you a hint into the current condition of the property β€” if for instance, there were a lot of remodel permits pulled in the last couple years.

    TopHap Explorer school section and ARV calculator

    Even if you don’t have kids, nearby schools are still a very import part of your decision to buy a home because school zones affect your home’s value tremendously. TopHap Explorer makes it simple to assess nearby public schools ranging from elementary schools to high schools.

    Our ARV calculator helps you estimate the value of your home after changing certain features of your home. For instance, the calculator could help you determine how much more or less your home would be worth if you added another bathroom.

    Use case πŸ’‘: A homeowner is planning a project to add a 300 sqft bathroom and wants to know how much that will affect the value of her home. They could use the ARV calculator to receive an estimate for how much their home would sell for as a result of the additional bathroom and square footage.

    Download the app for free from the iOS app store!